Plexi Scraper - Sharp 3mm thick

Plexi Scraper - Sharp 3mm thick

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Some prefer thinner 3mm wax scrapers because they flex, making them easier to remove wax especially from the tips and tails. It's a personal preference however be cautious when using thinner scrapers to not over flex them when scraping which can in turn remove base material causing the base to become concave. SIDECUT scrapers won't knick or scratch your base because all sides are machined perfectly smooth.


  • a 45 degree machined corner
  • a rounded corner for sidewalls
  • an end-notch for edges 
  • a 90 degree corner 
  • allows you far more versatility when removing wax from hard to reach spots

Used For: Race, XC, All-Mountain, Powder skis and Snowboards.

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