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Help support the long term success of the Men's Alpine Team through our Coaches Mentorship Fund.

The ADL Ski Club and our 501c3 have teamed up with USSST Men's Alpine Coach Scotty Veenis to help raise money for their 2022/23 Coaches Mentorship Fund. The objective is to support new USST Coaches by bringing in experienced Alumni Coaches and Athletes on a project basis to share and pass along their valuabl insight, knowledge and experience!

Candidates for the 2022/23 Season Will Include:
Forest Carey
Marco Sullivan
Dane Spencer

Help us fund this important project and get suited up with some killer US Ski Team Race Suits from Steven Nyman, Jared Goldberg & Tommy Ford. We also have great fan wear to keep you warm on the mountain.


Rockin the ADL 911 Shirt always fires me up to go fast. There is no substitute!

Daron Rahlves, American Downhiller

When I'm heading to take my mid term exams, I rock the ADL 911 shirt for added confidence, stronger results and yeah let's be honest..... style!

AJ Ginnis, World Cup Skier

When I'm out reppin the suds I always wear my Club 911 shirt... I get more sales and more action in a day then most people get in their whole lives!!

Mike Guaricino, Lagunitas Rep

Join the fast club & Experience it all!

Speed, Style & Soul

There aren't many ways you can capture the three S's in one product but, somehow we have pulled off the impossible with the Club Porsche Tee - You will be exuding so much Speed, Style and Soul your mama won't even know who you are.

ADL 911 Fast Tee

ADL DreamTrips

You haven't lived until you have experienced one of our classic DreamTrips to Wengen, Kitzbuhel, Japow, Chamonix or Chile and more. They are unique and life changing and once you go on one you won't want stop until you have done all five.

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ADL Events

Join us for our famous fall movie nights, Thursday night beer league racing, Mahre Camp at Mt Hood, OR and other Club socials throught out the year... We know how to have fun! Bist du wild genug? or as we say in English... Are you wild enough?

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