Green Gummi Stone - soft/med

Green Gummi Stone - soft/med

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The SIDECUT Green Gummy stone is used after side-edge filing and/or polishing with Diamond Stones to remove the microscopic burr created from filing. Used along the 'apex' of the edge. 

  • Great to carry in your pocket when your edges feel too grippy. 
  • Choosing between the Green and Blue Gummy Stone is personal preference. 
  • The Green Gummi is slightly softer and typically better for light removal of the micro-burr.
  • A quick fix that can turn a frustrating day in the mountains into a joyous one.
  • Simply make 1-2 light passes down the edge and you'll notice the difference. 
  • Saves you until you can get back to the tuning bench. 

Used By: All skier and Snowboarder types.

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