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Bliz Goggles Lens Rave 42L-2S -Nano Optics Brown

Bliz Goggles Lens Rave 42L-2S -Nano Optics Brown

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Bliz Goggles Lens Rave 42L-2S - Nano Optics Brown Lens

Lens Color:  Nano Optics Brown Lens
Light Category: 4
VLT: 8%
Rave Nano Optics Nordic Light has a lens with both Nano Optics and Nordic Light treatment - the optimal combination for poor lighting conditions like flat light. Get enhanced contrasts even in poor light. In a unique blend, this model is equipped with a NANOOPTICS™ single lens without any refractive error or light refraction. The lens has the very best features of a single lens. 
The result is a crystal-clear visibility that enhances contrasts, colors and of course your performance. Rave Nano Optics Nordic Light also has a ventilated frame and super-comfortable fit with fleece lined 3-layer foam. This is the definitive model that applies to alpine skiing and freeriding in poor light. 

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0 = ❅☁ Dark conditions such as sunset, night, indoor, snowy or cloudy. LT 80-100%
1 = ☁ Flat light conditions, increase contrast and brighten up the landscape. LT 43-80%
2 = ☁☀ Increase contrast great for bright days, allround. LT 18-43%
3 = ☀ For bright conditions. LT 8-18%
4 = ☀☀ Exceptionally strong sunlight. LT 3-8%