Ceramic File Fine - by Tyrolit

Ceramic File Fine - by Tyrolit

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TYROLIT Ceramic Files make both sharpening and polishing ski & board edges easy by means of three stones. Edges are gradually deburred, smoothed and sharpened. Three different grits: coarse, medium and fine enable cutting that is individually adapted to the snow conditions and ensure a high surface quality.   

The difference between Tyrolit files lies in their bond. While the Ceramic Files shown here have a ceramic bond and are stiff, Tyrolit Elastic Files (see below) have a resin bond and are slightly flexible.

  • Fine: Pink 320 grit. This file ensures a precise cut. Used to remove small scratches as well as create smooth, finely-tuned polished edges. 

SUGGESTED USE: with SIDECUT Base Guides & File Guides.
CLEANING: use soap and water combined with 400 grit sandpaper if desired.  
DIMENSIONS: 100mm x 25mm 

Handmade in Tirol, Austria 

Used For: Race, All-mountain, Powder skis and Snowboards. 

SIDECUT® Ski & Snowboard tuning and wax products in Canada, USA, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Australia & New Zealand.